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Mid Canterbury TimeBank

And it's goodbye from me...



As some may already know, I am about to hang up my Coordinator hat after almost three years in the role, first as a volunteer, then on the payroll. I'd like to thank our board - Connecting Mid Canterbury Charitable Trust - for giving me that opportunity to work in helping build the TimeBank in it's early years. I've learnt a heck of a lot in a short space of time, and had a fair bit of fun along the way. I am still a TimeBanker though! That won't change, other than having more time for exchanges. I've often seen requests or offers I would have loved to respond to, but just not had the time. So you'll see me about even more than before I think. My family and I are going away for two whole weeks over Xmas, and I am really looking forward to being offline, reading, soaking in hot pools or going for a nice walk. 
I look forward to catching up with you at either the End of Year BBQ or in the New Year.
Much love, and good wishes for your summer,