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Mid Canterbury TimeBank

Staveley Forest Rejuvenation Weekend


Come experience the rejuvenating qualities of Staveley's remnant primary beech forest. Take the opportunity to participate in fun projects and activities designed to rejuvenate minds and bodies, important wisdom and know-how as well as the forest itself.

Champion community guardianship of our precious natural spaces in a weekend feast of activities celebrating connection to people and place, contributing your energy and skills and belonging to community and land.


Help us by registering your intention to come by clicking 'going' on our Facebook event or click here to complete the registration form.

Some projects you can help with:


creating forest art

weaving compostible compost bins

building seating from forest materials

providing nutritious food

creating outdoor classrooms


Some activities on offer:

Guided Tour of the Universe (astronomy)

Dance workshops

Guided meditation

Nature walks


Come and delight in our little local treasure! It's up to you: get involved for just a few hours or come for the whole weekend. We'd love to see you.